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Cumberland Square Condos Designed by Giannone Petricone Associates

Robust, Driven, Award Winning

The Cumberland Square condominiums are designed by Giannone Petricone Associates Inc. Architects or GPAIA for short, who are considered huge competitors in the market.

With Giannone Petricone Associates Inc. Architects turning their eyes to the details it takes to transform space to be a sensorial and emotive experience. It is no wonder that Ralph Giannone leads the firm alongside partner Pina Petricone with a wide array of award-winning projects, such as Toronto’s Parkdale library; Hotel Torre Fiore in Basilicata, Italy, Il Fornello Restaurant; the Don Mills Redevelopment Project; and lastly the successful series of Terroni Restaurants in Toronto and Los Angeles. Taking pride in projects which explore the urban, typological and urban context within which they rest, it is easy to note the partnership’s commitment towards the concerns and expectations of their clientele.

Ralph’s ardour for urbanism, travel, cultural populism have led the firm into a bright future of exciting projects on the horizon including current projects in the redevelopment of East Village, the hotel redevelopments at 99 Sudbury, the vintage Parkdale Hotel in Toronto; and finally the Toronto Waterfront redevelopment at north Sugar Beach.

Ralph graduated with a professional architecture degree from the University of Toronto in 1987.

Pina Petricone, on the other hand, shares her time as Principal of Giannone Petricone Associates and as a Professor of Architecture at U of T. Pina’s love of design and inherent creativity have led to the firms most outstanding projects including the acclaimed Fresh restaurant, the Center for Ethics and the Chester Le Day

Pina’s creativity and love of design have led to some of the firm’s most remarkable projects including the award-winning Fresh Restaurant, the Centre for Ethics, at the University of Toronto, and Chester Le Daycare and Community Space.
Currently, her portfolio includes an exciting development in Phase II of the Regent Park revitalization project, two house projects on the brim of the Toronto’s ravines, as well as a plethora of other exciting and unique retail and resuscitations.

Having her work published widely in Canada, the U.S., Asia and Europe, and presenting her work at large international conferences and symposia, then in 2012 Pina celebrated the publication of her first book, “Concrete Ideas: Material to Shape a City”.

Pina received her degree in architecture from U of T in 1991 followed by a Masters in Architecture from Princeton University in 1995.

The Cumberland Square condominiums will be their biggest project to date as it will have won a long-standing 15-year competition between developers and architect firms. This design implementation will fuse both modern elements and playful details, fashioning provocative spaces within the cities chicest center; cementing the firm’s belief in using unconventional forms and materials to create emotion and experience.

Some of the firm’s major accomplishments include:
The new food hall at the Upper Canada Mall, located in New Market, Ontario.
“The market is Canada’s first food market concept that responds to the public’s growing interest in today’s food culture”.*

In addition to their ambitious endeavours GPA are working on the new Eataly marketplace which will be located in the Toronto Manulife center. Other concepts are underway and under their belts with another food hall at the La Marche de la Capitale in Quebec, as well as in the Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga.

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